Monday, May 07, 2012

Nepal Referee

Hi Emily,

Glad to hear you decided to go to Nepal. We had a wonderful time trekking the Himalayas. One of the best holidays in my life, really.

I highly recommend Mr Binod. He organized our trip very well with his fellow Sherpa brothers. Very polite, personal and quite highly organized.

To get to Gheropani trek you have to get to Pukhara from Kathmandu. I would highly recommend you to fly to Pokhara. The bus ride was very uncomfortable and long.

If you are used to Indian food, then there is no problem. I enjoyed eating their Dhal Bat. Throughout the trekking period Mr Binod arranged the porters, all kind of food you can find in the menu and of course food and accommodation at various tea houses and hotels and hostels. We had lunch overlooking beautiful valley, breakfast unser the morning sun with snow capped Himalayas as backdrops. U would love it.

To me, the cost is very affordable. I spent at most RM5000 for more than 10 days including everything including souvenirs and food and transport - an drinks ;-). That's not even SD2,500.

Fitness and a sense of adventure is all you need - and a bunch of cool buddies.

Enjoy! I am sure you will.



**the photo was shot by my friend JJ with my i-phone. He climbed up the tower. I didn't. I was busy with my tripod. The place was amazingly BEAUTIFUL.

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