Monday, May 07, 2012

Layang Layang cost

The dive package for 4 nights in layang layang avilion resort is RM3,545. 

This also include the plane ride from KK to Layang Layang - a chartered flight ATR Aircraft (like Firefly) by MAS Wings - new aircraft and 5 meals per day. 

Rooms are very comfy.

It also include 9 dives - 

day 1 - 2 dives, 

day 2 - 3 dives, 

day 3 - 3 dives,

day 4 - 1 dives - as we need 18 hours of surface time  before flight

I took MAS from KL - KK - KL - less than RM400

So, all in all about RM5k lahif you are interested, I can hook you up with my friend Yanni who organizes dive trips.

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