Sunday, April 03, 2011

Mount Kinabalu

I have been to Borneo many times - for work, and for pleasure. It has always been a good trip except one I went for a funeral.

I have not explored the Indonesian side of Borneo, but I am pretty sure it is as amazing to its neighbor living in the same island divided by a political boundary.

My latest trip was to climb up Mount Kinabalu for the second time. This time it was very special as I reached the summit on my birthday. The very first day of my forty-something-th birthday was marked by a beautiful sunrise above the cloud of Sabah.

I couldn’t capture the white water rafting and the descends via Via Ferrata. One because my camera is not waterproof and we are not allowed to use our camera on Via Ferrata route. However, my sneaky me managed to shoot with my i-Phone.

My first Kinablau climb was in 2006. It was a touch-and-go thing. This time, my hiking up Kinabalu was rather slow. With my i-pod and D-Lux 4 pocket camera, I took my own time to really absorb the beauty of the surrounding.

Hiking up Kinabalu was beautiful. The variation of vegetation on different altitudes intrigue me. It like diving with excellent visibility in the sea of beautiful and colorful corals.

Don’t be deceived by the beauty of the trails. It is not technically challenging, however a solid fitness is required to enjoy the hike and appreciate the beauty of the surrounding.

And Kota Kinabalu at 0 meter sea level has a lot of things to offer and the sunset was one of the most beautiful I have even seen. At least at par with Bali and Luan Prabang, with its own unique twist.

Just like my first Kinabalu climb, this one also culminated a wonderful friendship.

I have set this album in such a way that I can share with friends, and friends’ friends. So please feel free to share it. Lets share the beauty of Land Below the Wind, Borneo.

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