Sunday, February 20, 2011

Broga Hill, Semenyeh. (White & Black)

Revisited Broga this early morning again, but this time partly with another bunch.

I decided to go black and white.

Not quite a good day for shooting as it was a cloudy day. Major disappointments to my friends and fellow trekkers who have their fancy DSLR with them as the sun decided not to show up.

It was, still a great trekking day.

Mental note to self: next trip bring some garbage bags. Perhaps I can collect some garbage and create awareness. Its a beautiful place.

I even saw a group of people performed solat subuh.

What a surreal kind experience.

1 comment:

orange said...

B&W always awesome, less or more lighting, cloudy or shine...just soulful and give ya goose bumps...