Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I seriously think Penang is doing a good job preserving / restoring its heritage buildings.

I was quite impressed during my last Deepavali weekend. Not as grand but it reminded me of restoration work I bumped into in Europe.

The fact that Penang was declared a Uniesco World Heritage site helps a lot.

Compared to Kuala Terengganu, which doesn’t have that many heritage buildings, even then the are demolishing it. I was shocked when I found out the old prewar shops houses ear Kedai Payang have been demolished. Even Kampung Ladang has been leveled and people will live in flats.

That’s very sad.

I wanted to go to the Bengkel Tembaga in Kampung Ladang recently – it’s no longer there.

Why do we have to destroy our history and heritage?

There are more land in the city available for development.

It is a shame to see – while Penang is busy restoring its past, Terengganu is demolishing traces of its glorious past.

What kind of leadership is this!

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