Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dear Sir,

Cars, Bikes & Trucks is organizing “CBT Historic Car Concours 2010”,
scheduled for the 21st November 2010.

The event will be held in conjunction with the inaugural Car of The
Year (COTY) Carnival which is jointly hosted by The New Straits Times
and Maybank at the picturesque Martrade Building off Jalan Duta in
Kuala Lumpur during the weekend of 20th and 21st November.

This Vintage and Classic Car show will feature not only a Concours for
vintage and classics of all makes but also an anniversary celebration
of two famed automotive marques - Jaguar and Alfa Romeo.

This year, Jaguar celebrates 75 years of its existence while Alfa
Romeo proudly reaches the one century mark.

The three tier Concours would take place at the horseshoe shaped
outdoor exhibition area ( in between the entrance to the building and
the Amphitheatre) from 9am to 5pm Sunday, 21st November.

Due to space constraints, we will have to limit the number of cars in
the all make category to accommodate additional vehicle entries for the
Jaguar and Alfa Romeo sections.

As this would be the first all Jaguar Concours in the country, we hope
to secure at least one each of all models in the range of Jaguar
automobiles. The E-Type would be judged separately to mark the model's
50th anniversary. Likewise, we aspire to feature a wide selection of
Alfas too.

Vintage and Classic car owners would have to submit their entries by
email to Andrew Suresh at or or by phone (016-338 0779) latest
by 15th November 2010. Simply send us
pictures of your car (front, side, rear, interior and engine bay)
along with basic details like make, model, year of make, registration
plate number, owner’s full name and contact numbers.

All cars must be taxed, in original and roadworthy condition.

All applications will be subject to a selection process by the CBT
Organising Committee.

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