Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I flew to Kuantan and drove to Bukit Ibam last Friday. Just to have a little lunch my Chinese colleagues.

It was simple, but good.

Note to self – next time we have to change the menu.

Dropped by the masjid for Friday prayer.

I can’t remember what the sermon was about but I thought the topic read was not as important as the current situation faced by Muslim community. Of course I agree with the rest of the component of the Khutbah.

Flew bacj just in time to attend NS’s birthday get together – the start of CNY long weekend.

Gong Xi Fa Chai!


The Fleece Master said...

I adore you artwork bro. bravo.

The Fleece Master said...

I adore your artwork bro. Bravo.

shemeq said...

Thanks Bro.

Glad u like it :-)

shemeq said...

I see you are enjoying North American winter. Your pics brought back my student days memories...