Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bella Italiana - 18


One of the moments I have been waiting for in this whole restoration process is to roll Bella Italiana from the bodyshop into the paintshop.

It happened a couple of days ago not without any major impact among the workers in the workshop, including the supervisor.

The day the car rolled out into the paintshop is the day the registration number of Bella Italiana won first 4D price (not in the same order but the exact combo of the 4 numbers in the registration)

Everybody I met in the workshop came and told me so.

They said they wanted to buy t he number again when the paintjob is completed.

The progress has been slow but I am very Ok with it. To me the workmanship is very important.

Cementing and plastering work has started. Unlike last few months, future progress will be clearly visible, especially when the paint job is completed.

Can't wait!

I walked away happy with the progress and a Chinese New Year orange given by the workshop office manager.



orange said...

4D strike!
that's the car that u'll hv to keep an eye.
way to go! Mr. M:o)

shemeq said...


I cant wait.