Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Work Work Work

I have been very busy lately.

That should explain why choratchoret has been ignored for quite sometimes.

I was inspired several times on what to write while driving to Kuantan every week, but by the time I reached the hotel room, I will normally be busy with diner meeting and preparations for the regular Tuesday morning conference call with the head-office.

Every Tuesday I have to attend 2 long calls at 7.45am and 9am. Each is about 1 hour long and by the time the calls are over with all the implementation plan, I will rushing to the mine deep in remote Pahang then back to KL.

Very punishing, yet rewarding – Quite ironic, kan?

Bella Italiana has some progress. It is about 80% completion. I hope to update this soon. This (almost) final stage is critical, and from my little experience, it takes the longest as it involves very fine details and a lot of sourcing for small-small parts.

I promise to update it soon.

Watch this space!

Kalau sudi lah.


orange said...

welcome back to your blog Mr. M!

shemeq said...

Orange: Cheers!