Thursday, December 31, 2009


New Year Goes

New Year Comes

Tomorrow is 2010.

I was in Bukit Aman yesterday to settle all my speeding fines – it’s equivalent to a roundtrip economy ticket to Europe. That is so unnecessary, and stupid!

I also just came back form the bank to pay my credit card bill. Now my balance is not zero but very small.

My resolution:

1. Will not exceed any speed limit when I drive especially my weekly trip to Kuantan – the bulk of speeding tickets are from East Coast Highway stretch.

2. To only use credit card for business (claimable) purposes. If I use it for personal reason, I must make sure I can pay in full at the end of the month!

3. Will there be love?


orange said...

happy new year Mr. M,
your pixs somehow rather very alive.amazing that they seems belong to you and you to pretty much attached to your am kinda lost.

anyway, am officially your fan. but still am jealous. how the hell i'll be able to shot something like that;D

shemeq said...

Happy New Year to you.
I am very grateful with you and some others who have been loyal to choratchoret. I enjoy sharing my photos and my humble thougts with you, my friends.
May ALL of you have a wonderful 2010.
God bless!