Monday, October 05, 2009

The Thunderbirds

They were in town a few days back and I forced myself to drive to Subang Royal Malaysian Air Force base – on Saturday 031009.

I was disappointed at the beginning of the show because the day was quite cloudy, heavy overvast, almost colorless. In fact it rained at some point.

The weather and the rain is something I could not control. However, the camera and the lenses are certain variables I can control (most of the time, that is).

Among others, the challenges were the weather, the speed and the spot to photograph. But then again, if you always dream about getting the most ideal spot to shot, than I think you will be missing a big point in photography.

I make full use of what I have in my camera bag and captured this.

I don’t think I can capture these images without at least a 70-200 lens or a camera body which I can push to more than 8 frames per second bursts.



I was very disappointed after the show to notice lots of garbage on the floor left by the spectators after the show.

Susah sangat ke nak buang sampah dalam tong sampah?

Mak bapak tak ajar ke?

Atau Mak Bapak pun 2 x 5

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