Monday, October 05, 2009

Sampah Bersepah Sepah

While I was struggling climbing Genteng Peres on my bicycle, oxygen inhaled rapidly into my lungs to burn the energy in my body then transferred to the paddles via my legs.

My mind was normally everywhere – a trick to forget about the pain as a result of lactic acid built up especially in cycling muscle group esp my legs.

Fresh morning air with beautiful tropical green jungle around me, suddenly after a gentle switchback, this appeared lurking to greet me.

It is just smelly.

Ulu Langat is in Selangor.

Kalau masalah sampah sarap pun tak boleh, macamana you all nak selesaikan masalah sampah masyarakat atau sampah politik?

Ini perkara asas.

Rakyat has got to be convinced that you guys are running the state better?.

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