Sunday, March 15, 2009

LOVE @ 1st Sight - 33

Final Touch for the Concourse

I spent one whole morning with David last Saturday. He passionately brief me with the progress of the final preparations. I can tell he is so crazy about my car. He explained certain parts of the progress more than one time.

He's been obsessed and this was not the first time.

I have to say he has done an excellent job and I don't know of anyone else can do such a good job.

I personally told him, which I meant wholeheartedly, if we win this competition, ALL the credits go to him.

Not me.

He humbly declined my sincere offer.


These set of rims is one of the last to arrived. I think David got it from Klang. He restored it nicely with new silver paint job and smoothen the surface so that the internal part of the rims do not puncture into the tubes in high pressure.

I had a couple of flats recently.

He also modified the rims with clips to ensure the chrome hubcap can stick firmly rather than turn into a flying saucer when I hit a bump on the road later.

The chrome hubs are treasure hidden in one of Jalan Ipoh old shops. Manufactured in the 60's yet when David found them, they were still in the boxed packed in the 60's unused.

I remember, when David proudly unwrapped the hubs, both of our faces were gleaming with joys. We look like two people looking at and handful of pink diamonds.

Once fixed,

the wheel looks like this:


As promised, David has also attended to a list of my "complaints". Small items but affect the evaluation points on the "judgment day".

It's good that they fixed them. At least they don't irritate me when I drive later, like all the

door handles and windows winders

David has also change the switch to the original ones. It's physically small, but being original parts are at most important in this game.

Don't ask me where he got it.

He will polish the plastic dashboard so that the original white color will come out. It will brighten the look of the interior. It the the dashboard where the speedometer is the jewel of the cockpit crown.

He also has replace the signal switch. Again, I don't know where he got it from but it's an original.

The air filter cap retains water quite regularly. There is some rust and now it has been sandpapered for re chroming.

It's going to be shiny once completed. It will definitely gives the sparkles to the engine compartment.

I don't know why I took this shot. There is nothing to be done here. I just like the angle, I think.

Minor touch up on the door to engine compartment

I like these angles on this Fiat. I have shot the same angles scores of time and when i look at them I feel at peace.

One of the mechanics switch on the lights of the spraying room. The car looks as if it is just rolling out of a factory in Milano, Italia!


That's the whole idea!

I know this sound a bit crazy, but to me, this is



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its a B.E.A.U.T.Y

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