Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Approaching the New Year

Last week I went all over to collect contributions for mangsa banjir Pantai Timur from my friends, Malay and Chinese.
After collecting I send to this badan who call themselves Al Nidaa' - I don't know what it means. Sometimes I wonder is it less Islamic if we use Bahasa Malaysia. Anyway, that's besides the point. The point is, as I reached Al Nidaa' in TTDI I have to unload the car. Coincidently a Chinese friend of mine was having coffee near by. She she saw me straight away she came and helped me. 
I was blocking the road, and my Indian mechanic happened to be there when I blocked the road. 
They both asked me? What are these for? I explained to them about the donations.
After helping me, the Chinese girl went straight home then supermarket to buy food and delivered it to Al Nidaa'. My Indian mechanic parked his car, rush to Al Nidaa' and gave some money for donation, to an Islamic foundation. 
And mind you, I have quite a number of non Malay / non Muslims friends who are like this. They see themselves as fellow Malaysians to help each other because like it or not we are sharing this country.
OK that's it.
Have a wonderful new year!

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