Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Some destinations are just meant to be visited ONCE only. Nothing special - been there, done that sort of deal.

Dubai, in my list is one of them. 

I was in Dubai earlier this year and that was it. Been there, done that. I will not go there again unless it is necessary. 

Dubai is dry. No spirit. Just shopping malls. You can hardly interact with the locals. Its not easy to immerse yourself into their culture.

Places like Paris and Cape Town are in my frequent list. I can go there many times. There are many things to do and see. Character, culture, landscape, hiking, cycling, museums, galleries, art.

Now, Nepal is added into my frequent list. It is a destination that offers a lot of things. Beautiful landscape of majestic mountains, people rich with culture, scenic villages, friendly local. 

I wish I could go to Nepal like - every year.

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