Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Maldivian Adventure

I had 8 wonderful days in the Maldives. 

The photos I have seen before were real. The atolls are like a bunch of paradise over the horizons, one after another as I crossed the Equator - zero degrees latitude - by Maldivian, the national airlines.

My typical day was

wake up in the morning before sunrise

take the bicycle with my camera in the basket

ride to the beach watch the sunrise 

take photos of fishermen, people, boats, island, beaches

ride back to hotel

eat breakfast like a pig

set up underwater camera gear and diving equipment at the dive centre

dive, shoot photos 

surface interval - read book, tea, nap

dive again, shoot photos again

back to the hotel and ate lunch like a pig

read a book by the pool / beach


wake up


take the bike to the village, with my camera

watch sunset

back to hotel

ate dinner like a pig

have drinks with new friends, talk, update my journal


x 5 days

I was hardly online and it was a very very peaceful 8 days.

I am very blessed.

Thank you God

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