Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I love cycling and bicycles.

So far I have indulged myself with road bikes (some people call them 'racers') and mountain bike.

I used to have a tandem before but that was history - glad that it's over.

Recently, my friends and I went to Penang right before ramadhan - objective: to eat as much as we can before fasting.

Walking back to the hotel, I bumped in a bunch of kids, apparently they came all the way from Manjong, Perak, by car) to ride Penang on their single speed. The loaded 9 bikes in on e Myvy car.

I tried the bike, but it takes time to get accustomed to - there is NO rear brake.

They were pretty creative with the choice of colors.


orange said...

Mr. M,
where in the world?
hope u're fine tho,
how's ur pad's renovation doin?
hey check out myblog
13 post of B&W pixs
am kinda satisfied with my limitation!

shemeq said...


beautiful Istanbul pix. I like the one with people playing board game.

Good work!

I love istanbul.

My new pad is done. Will have a little gathering with close friends tonight. Gonna be fun.