Thursday, May 06, 2010

This was what I posted on FB

These were what I got.

Comments that get me going and going and going with my camera.

I thank you all for the words of encouragement.

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Haniza Hashim love this... love the reflection :-)

March 31 at 1:24am ·

Yanni Arshad just love the reflection in the waters....kudos!

March 31 at 1:41am ·

Azizeh Ibni Miharbi gossh... i wish am there walking side by side with these boys

March 31 at 2:37am ·

Mansor Tun Abdul Aziz Lovely picture composition. Starkly simple & sublime.

March 31 at 2:51am ·

Shaik Rizal Azura, gosh... didn't know u are into very young boys!! alamak

March 31 at 8:16am ·

Mazlim Husin Thank you guys. Glad could share these moments with my friends.

March 31 at 9:39am ·

Azizeh Ibni Miharbi only into young dragon fruits :)

March 31 at 10:06am ·

Shaik Rizal oh... these boys are young cikus...

March 31 at 10:40am ·

Bujang Tet like this one :)

March 31 at 3:01pm ·

Mo Kahwaji feels like a dream.


March 31 at 4:23pm ·

TShaliza TShamsul Bahari Brilliant!

March 31 at 6:20pm ·

Haris Ismail wow... that's all i can say.. :)

March 31 at 10:01pm ·

Khairulzaman Adnan when did you go to mabul?

April 2 at 11:10am ·

Mazlim Husin Thanks for the compliment guys and gals. I was in Mabul from 26 March to 30th. It was briliant!

April 2 at 2:09pm ·

Tengku Muneer Gorgeous pic Maz... seriously I don't even know how to comment.

April 11 at 3:02pm ·

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orange said...

but still my fave, a boy with his younger sibling on his hip...the momentoes just beautiful

i've lots of respect for someone with creative mind...
shame you're smoker, otherwise i might extend my marriage proposal to you Mr. M.;oD just kid